An experiential retail conversation with Effing Seafood's Rob Tryon

We tiptoed into a different retail category with an energetic conversation with Rob Tryon, the owner of Effing Seafoods (great name!)
So much fun as we learned about his start, their time at farmer's markets, starting brick and mortar retail operations, subscription services and more. Join us for this one, you won't be disappointed.
ABOUT: Rob Tryon has been surrounded by the ocean and seafood since birth. In fact, he’s convinced that salt water runs through his veins.
His personal connection to the seafood and fishing industry sets him apart from the rest. His entrepreneurial drive paired with his education in fisheries and aquaculture, and experience in commercial fishing and oyster farming makes his business, Effing Seafoods, a force to be reckoned with.
So, what’s the story behind “Effing” Seafoods? When Rob was shellfish farming, he was looking for a unique way to brand his oysters. They were grown in a small inlet called Effingham Inlet, Barkley Sound, just off the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
Because of this, he dubbed them "Effing Oysters". Just like that, the name immediately began to draw attention from chefs, seafood buyers, foodies and the general public. He not only saw an impressive increase in sales, but started being approached by many for online interviews and promotional videos.
To this day, after being out of the industry for years, he still gets recognized as the Effing Oyster guy.
He’s carving out that same name in the Edmonton area too!
An unbeatable drive and passion for his trade has catapulted him into the public spotlight as a seafood and fish purveyor that the city has never seen before.
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