An insiders look at retail management systems with Madan Murthy of Canadian Retail Solutions

An insiders look and discussion about retail management systems with Madan Murthy of Canadian Retail Solutions. From independent retail owners to multi location retail giants, Madan has seen it all!
Madan has over 18 years of experience building and executing on corporate sales, marketing, and operations strategies that drive fortune 500 client acquisition and business development in high volume transaction sales, enterprise software application environments, oil and gas (upstream and downstream) and related manufacturing and services environments.
As a charismatic leader Madan has also worked in a management capacity for a large retail chain and helped smaller independent retailers find and implement cutting edge technology solutions that help drive their business forward.
Madan joined CRS in 2018 as the General Manager and has been working tirelessly to lead, mentor, empower, and motivate the CRS team in delivering superior service to our independent retailers and uncovering cost-effective technology solutions that can help our independent retailers compete with the big box chains.
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