Bella! A one on one chat with Lindsay Hedstrom of Bella Maas Boutique

What a great retail conversation Dan had with Lindsay Hedstrom, owner of Bella Maas Boutique. She shared her humble beginnings as she found her way into the world of retail.
She bought the business almost ten years ago and has gone through all of the challenges and successes that retail provides.
Lindsay wants to laugh as hard as she works and considering she's the woman being a business that's grown into a powerful, community driven brand - she should be all smiles, all the time. 
She's taken her success and used it to fuel her passion for giving back and supporting her community. 
While she has a flair for business, Lindsay likes to keep her atmosphere fun and welcoming. She believes in creating experiences for her customers and curates quality, sustainable items that support the values behind her brand. 
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