Covid 19 Recovery Help Desk with Dan 'The Bulldog' Holman

Hey everyone, Dan here. I am embodying a bulldog right now as he is the version of ourselves we NEED.
We must be courageous, strong, stubborn and tenacious to make our way through this disruption to our livelihoods.
Join me for a few valuable minutes as I discuss:
  • The first step in your retail recovery begins with understanding and perfecting the omni-channel experience in your business.
  • Vendor Grading, as simple as A, B, C. I am asked everyday how do I grade my vendors?
  • What we do know and do not know as we plan to reopen our stores.
  • Rent relief and lots more!
If you have a question for the bulldog, drop it below or shoot an email to and the bulldog will answer it.
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