Looking up and ahead with Janel Dickin of Hye Fashion

Janel is nothing if not authentic! She loves helping people feel great and her passion for doing so has been the driving force behind her love of retail operations, which was sparked when her retail journey officially began in the 1990’s.

Although Janel’s formal education is not in retail, she was always drawn back to it. She dabbled in making people feel great through fashion, giftware and home goods retail, while attending university as well as while working at her full-time career. Janel spent over a decade in academia, where she honed her skills in data analysis. Although she had an incredible career, something was still missing. Her fire for helping people and making a difference needed to be lit.

After returning home from an epic three month sabbatical to South America, Janel’s fire was stronger than ever! She worked tirelessly for over a year on her business plan (and manual labour), and in 2010 Janel opened Hye Fashion, Edmonton’s premiere destination offering style for every height!

As a specialty retailer serving an incredibly unique demographic, Janel has been faced with countless challenges that most retailers never see...and she is grateful for them. She always views obstacles as opportunities to make her a better retailer (and an even better retail business coach)!

As a result of her experiences with her own business coaches, Janel was inspired to help people in another way - retailers face challenges unlike any other businesses and with Janel’s real-world experience, she was inspired to share her experiences with other retailers to help ease their journeys.

In 2016, Janel became a certified Management One Affiliate and Retail Business Coach. Since then Janel has proudly partnered with retailers across North America to help them free up cash, create marketing plans, develop merchandising strategies, solve staffing challenges, improve vendor relations and ultimately, help those who operate retail businesses fall back in love with what they do!

In 2019, Janel founded Authentic Consulting Group, where she uses her genuine personality and real-world experience to help inspire retailers to implement realistic, effective strategies that operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

You can learn more about Hye Fashion by visiting: http://www.hyefashion.ca 

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