Steps to retail recovery with Bob Negen of WhizBang! Retail Training

We were very thankful to have Bob on the podcast to discuss ways that retailers can start thinking about recovery and the steps to get through this challenging time.
Bob Negen founded the Mackinaw Kite Co., a small chain of specialty toy and kite stores, in 1981 when he was only 23 years old. He had just graduated from college, didn’t want to get a “real job” and loved flying kites.
It didn’t take long for him to realize that his passion for his product was not enough to make him profitable and he then spent the next twenty years learning how to be a successful merchant. He made more mistakes than you can shake a stick at, but manage to survive and earn the status of “battle tested retail veteran”.
In 1999 he and his wife Susan founded WhizBang! Training to help independent retailers thrive in today’s super-competitive market.
Bob says “no matter what you sell the secret to success is to give your customers the kind of experience that makes your business memorable and parlaying that first experience into a highly profitable long-term relationship”.
Bob and his wife Susan are recognized as leading retail experts, are the creators of both the acclaimed Retail Mastery System, The Retail Sales Academy and the Retail Success Summit. Bob is a well know retail keynote speaker and trainer and has given over a 1000 speeches in 50 different retail industries.
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