• Retail drive to survive - Special One on One, 3 part series with leaders in the Retail industry.

    Dan Holman, the Wealthy Retailer hosts these timely and important discussions in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are so thankful that we were able to get their time during this difficult period to share their thoughts, ideas and more about how the independent retail industry will get through this difficult time.
  • Let's focus on the guest experience in luxury retail with Bruce Kirkland of Lexus

    An engaging conversation with Bruce Kirkland, the President and CEO of Lexus of Edmonton. As the leader of a high end luxury dealership, Bruce was able to share with us a ton of great takeaways for retailers of all kinds. Team building, guest experience and so much more!
  • An experiential retail conversation with Effing Seafood's Rob Tryon

    We tiptoed into a different retail category with an energetic conversation with Rob Tryon, the owner of Effing Seafoods (great name!)
  • Retail chat about Snowboards/Outdoors (even underwear!) with Ryan Belder of Unlimited Skate & Snow

    Ryan Belder is part of Unlimited Skate and Snow in Banff since 2006 and launched MAI Underwear (a fast growing women's intimates/swim company) in early 2017. 
  • Doug Webster shares his insights from 40 years of hospitality and retail management

    It was a little out of our normal podcast range of talking with independent retail owners and managers, but we were so glad to have Doug on the podcast as he shared so many insights that can be used throughout retail.
  • A conversation of retail passion and growth with Margo Kopman of Project Retail

    So nice to chat with Margo again. Her retail skill set is not to be overlooked and we were fortunate to hear her great ideas and views on the world of retail. 
  • Empower your retail by going narrow and deep with our guest Scott Smith

    Scott has found true happiness serving retailers and assisting them in their path to ongoing success. We had the chance to talk about the value of going narrow and deep in your retail business. Join us for the conversation! 
  • An insiders look at retail management systems with Madan Murthy of Canadian Retail Solutions

    An insiders look and discussion about retail management systems with Madan Murthy of Canadian Retail Solutions. From independent retail owners to multi location retail giants, Madan has seen it all!
  • The passion of retail, people and home interiors with Leanne Mohagen of Simone & Ivy

    We had an amazing chat with Leanne as we learned about her entrepreneurial journey to starting her new retail store Simone & Ivy.
  • Pop up retail talk with the Pop Up expert - Steve Brooks

    We were fortunate to have a great conversation about pop up retail with the pop up expert himself, Stephen Brooks!


  • Growing your sales through the science of inventory planning with Marc Weiss

    In March 2015, Marc Weiss assumed the position of CEO for Management One.  A co–founder of the company, Marc was primarily responsible for developing the merchandise planning side of the business. Today, he continues to further develop his vision of the science of inventory planning.
  • Bella! A one on one chat with Lindsay Hedstrom of Bella Maas Boutique

    What a great retail conversation Dan had with Lindsay Hedstrom, owner of Bella Maas Boutique. She shared her humble beginnings as she found her way into the world of retail.