Why work with The Wealthy Retailer®?

Our Why,

I have spent more than 25 years on the bipolar roller coaster of entrepreneurialism. Through that time, I have recognized my own peaks and valleys follow the very same peaks and valleys that my community rides every day.  That community is the Independent Retailer.  They are the lifeblood of their community and mine. They are the Soccer Moms and Dads, Hockey Moms and Dads, Sponsors and Supporters – they are building community.  Our mission is to help them get strong, obtain financial freedoms and retail WEALTH; The stronger they are, the stronger our communities are.”

Dan Holman


Our Promise, 

We will play offense in your business! We will focus on cash flow by optimizing the performance of your inventory. We will generate information that helps you capture market share and manage risk to grow the business profitably. We will provide the best system available to forecast sales and inflow. We will then provide a plan for your purchases and your markdowns in order to maximize cash flow.


Our What,

Dan and his team will help elevate you and your retail business by providing expertise around:

Wealthy Retailer - Profit and Cash flow

Profit and Cash Flow 

Cash is the only measure of profitability and the catalyst to steering your retail business. Cash in the bank enables you to make healthy, informed decisions taking your business to the next level.

Wealthy Retailer - Inventory Management

Inventory Intelligence

The RIGHT inventory, in the RIGHT class, at the RIGHT time drives sales, decreases spending and creates Cash Flow.

Wealthy Retailer - Accurate Sales Forecasting

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Knowing where you are going with a level of accuracy the mitigates fear and enables GROWTH.

Wealthy Retailer - Open to Buy Budget

Open to Buy Budgets

Knowing exactly where to invest and when to invest increases Sales, decreases Markdowns and improves return on your investment.

Wealthy Retailer - Promotional Planning

In-Store Promotional Planning

Knowing when and what to divest in capitalizes on opportunity, decreases gaps and earns Market Share.

Wealthy Retailer - Expense Analysis

Expense Analysis

Benchmarking your expenses allows us to identify opportunities for better control increasing your Bottom Line.

Wealthy Retailer - Inventory Structure

Inventory Structure

Knowing your POS system is set up to drive results to increase revenue and profits.

Wealthy Retailer - Vendor Negotiations

Vendor Negotiations

Knowing how to work with your vendors for the Win-Win to give your customers the products they want right now.

Wealthy Retailer - Incentives

Sales Training and Incentives

Knowing how to inspire, educate and motivate your staff to better results, improved performance and enhanced Customer Experience.

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